Secrets For A Happier Life

SECRETS FOR A HAPPIER LIFE  November 2 2017 Turning Inside Out and Happiness
Turning Inside Out  & Happiness
Thinking to feeling and back to thinking
By: Michael D. Selzer DDS
November 2, 2017
                        Turning Inside Out  & Happiness
When I was a kid I would sometimes find my shirt on “inside” out.  No problem just take it off and put it back on “outside” out.  Its nice to know that the outside, although not seen for a moment is always there.  Of course it has to be.  You cannot have one side of something without its other side.  Except, maybe for a shadow which seems to have only one side; but is a shadow really there?
So back to my inside out or outside out shirt with both sides always there. The point is that sometimes what is on the inside changes to be on the outside and vise versa.  Thoughts, feelings and emotions like weather patterns change from one to the other and then back again.  However, it seems that we are programmed to try to hold onto the thoughts, feelings and emotions we like and to resist or push away the ones we do not like. That is all natural and fine.  The problem comes up when we become so attached to wanting things and circumstances to be the one way we want and to not be the way we do not want.  
We try to control our environment and how we react within it.  It has been found that the more you resist or insist on your one way the more pressure pushes back against you. So as I learned in the few judo classes I took as a kid — go with the flow –.  Let what is dissolve on its own and return to the calm flow of this moment.  Once you have returned you can see a bigger picture, take a fuller breath and choose if you like to relax once again.  What is, is. What was, was. And what will be, will just be another moment to relax into again; as you continue to sail along in the direction of your desires.
Letting Go and Dissolving Experience
Supplies needed for Mobius Strip:
A Mobius Strip is a thin strip of paper that has one twist and forms a continuous circle.  If an ant were to start crawling along one side of the strip and continued all around it would return to its starting place after crawling along both sides of the paper strip.  If you take a Mobius Strip and draw a line down the middle and continue all around without lifting your pencil you will complete two revolutions of the paper circle and return to your starting point with a single continuous line drawn down both sides.

Instructions to make a Mobius Strip
1. Cut a 1/2 inch strip of paper 8 inches long.
2. Make one twist of the paper and then secure the two ends with tape
3. Draw a line down the middle of the strip without lifting your pencil
4. Write the word happy on one side of the paper
5. Write the word unhappy on the opposite side
6. Notice that when happy is on the inside unhappy is on the outside
7. If you like place the strip on your wrist
Imagine the Mobius Strip tuning on its own like our planet earth turning day into night and night into day. The happiness and unhappiness like the light and dark come back on their own – no resistance needed.  Everything may dissolve back into relaxing into this moment.
Consider your own two words to write on the Mobius Strip. 
snack–nutrition; stress–relax; tighten–breathe; contract–release; yin–yang
Place the strip on your wrist and allow it to be a reminder that you can easily relax and wait to see your word preference come back around. Both dissolve back into now.  Look out with a fresh view.
During the day each time you become aware of the band on your wrist you will be reminded of the balance between your words as they flow into a calm relaxing moment.  Turn the band once around your wrist and watch the words and the feelings they evoke dissolve into each other.  You may even finish your day more refreshed as you return home.
Try This

Find a rubber wrist band and cut it.  Next give the band a twist and securely tape it back together.  Write words on both sides and wear it on alternate days.  Note any differences between days of ease or thoughts as you go about your routine activities.

For fun make a paper Mobius Strip.  Draw a line down the middle. Cut along the entire length of the line.  What do you end up with?
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