Secrets For A Happier Life Meditation Penicillin 2-18-2018

Meditation Penicillin
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By: Michael D. Selzer DDS
February 21, 2018
One of my favorite activities is being happy. It improves each moment’s actions the way the flavor of salt is enhanced by sprinkling it over a juicy steak (either beef or tofu).
Simply put —Meditation allows me to be happier.
Although meditation may be a portal to much more; happiness is a pleasant stop along the way. It allows you added time and space to respond to life’s experiences rather than a tiresome habitual reaction. This increases your response-ability and saves you from “I shoulda woulda coulda” moments.
Try this mini meditation vacation break
Focus your attention on breathing
While you breathe in through your nose slowly think 1 2 3 4 beats
As you breathe out through your nose slowly think 1 2 3 4 beats
As you continue to breath in and out increase counting to 1 2 3 4 5 6
Goal to be able to place your undivided attention on the breath going in and out and to think up to 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
When you notice your attention is not on the breath; think “isn’t that interesting” and return to the breath and counting.
How pure is your undivided attention? 
Want to go deeper ?  Feel the sensation of cool air flowing in on the in breath and warm air flowing out on the out breath.
As a beginner or advanced meditator you are on the road to happiness
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