Secrects For A Happier Life 10-4-2017

Smile Workout & Happiness
Thinking to feeling and back to thinking
By: Michael D. Selzer DDS
October 4, 2017
                        Smile Workout & Happiness
Do this one exercise below and you will end up with a smile on your face.
The best time to practice this is in bed right before you fall asleep and then while in bed when you wake up.  By starting and ending your day with a smile the neurochemistry released in the brain and throughout the body has a chance to soak in and resonate. 
And then practice again at various times during the day whenever you feel your energy slipping. After a short time you will be able to just think smile and feel the happiness spread all over your face.
I invite you to continue reading and let the smiles begin.
Begin with a dead pan face with soft facial muscles and no expression  (you can even start with a frown if that is where you find yourself).  Either way you will end up smiling.
Do this as you read it, it will take 30 to 60 seconds. With practice you can feel the shift in the blink of an eye.
1. Very, very slowly begin to smile. So slowly that if someone were watching you it would be difficult for them to see any movement of your lips as you begin to smile. The smile should take between 30 and 60 seconds.
2. Feel the slight movement of the corners of your lips as they start to twitch and pull to the side.
3. Notice the sensation of a slight turn upward at the corners of the lips.
4. Notice the pull along the upper lip as the corners start to slowly move.
5. Feel the lower lip start to firm up.
6. Continue with the slow turn of the corners upward and notice the change of sensation between the upper lip and the nose.
7. Feel your cheeks becoming involved and the sensation at the cheek bones.
8. Do your lips start to part in the center or at the sides?
9. As your teeth become exposed what are you feeling?
10. As your smile continues notice your mood and allow it to shift along with the sensations you are feeling.
11. Let the smile continue to include your eyes and feel them open as the muscles around the eyes relax.
12. Feel the full smile with lips parted, cheeks flush and sides of the eyes engaged.
13. Note your thought, mood and feelings right now.
Research on smiling has shown that it is a two way street. If you physically smile the neurochemistry associated with smiling is triggered.  Therefore, there is a physical reason to feel happier just from moving your face into a smiling position.
And the reverse is also true. If you respond to some outside event such as a happy occasion, a joke or seeing a loved one you start to smile as the neurochemistry changes and you feel happier. Smiling is a win win either way.
The key to the happiness associated with the smile is in the eyes.  As the eyes become involved with the smile research has shown a significant increase in the subjective sense of happiness.
A smile may start with the lips but to feel really happy finish with your eyes.
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Two of the happiest smiles I know my grandsons Austen & Max  
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