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The Lightening Fast Mind

Why is it so hard to let go of unwanted unhappy thoughts? And what can we do?

A routine sequence of events keeps happening.  A sense contact is made (ie. seeing a dog, hearing a loud noise, bumping into someone). This is followed lightening fast by the recognition and naming of what that sense contact is. This is followed by either liking or disliking of the object of that sense contact. Then lightening fast, a story line of all the related thoughts about that object come up and the mind becomes lost in thought and churning emotion. An example would be you are out for a walk and see a dog. The seeing of the dog is a sense contact, the eye transmits a signal to the brain. The brain interprets the signal and names it a dog. There is an immediate sense of liking or disliking about the named dog and then the mind starts to review its historical thoughts and emotions about all dogs. If you have had good or bad experiences with dogs or a strong or weak emotional history with this object (dog) your mind will spin and churn to varying degrees.

The spinning mind hijacks the balance of the sense contact and bypasses the body sensation. Going back to the stored body sensation can allow the mind to slow down its spin and then we can step off the merry-go-round and let go of unwanted unhappy thoughts more easily than just trying to use the mind itself.

Happiness can be increased by letting go of unwanted unhappy thoughts. Going back to the sensation level allows the mind to slow down and stop the repetitive story line. We can then choose to focus on one sensation or another.

And when the body sensation for happiness is willfully triggered  the mind responds and matches with happy thoughts.


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