Tea Kettle Illusions 2-10-2021


I had been sitting quite still watching the falling snow as the sound of the heater turned back on. Instinctively my head turned in its direction. My glance crossed over the tea kettle resting on the stove, just sitting there. Oddly I saw past the tea kettle to the wall behind it. This replaced the routine ordinary flat view of things, similar to looking at a photograph, with a greater awareness of the three dimensionality of life. The tea kettle now stood out from the background of the stove. It appeared as a silhouette that needed something behind it in order for me to see the tea kettle as a seemingly separate object.  Then I noticed that the stove became separated from the background of the wall behind it. And I realized that there is a foreground that I am seeing and background behind it that is mainly not noticed and remains as just background. Next I realized that the background I am now aware of can switch and become the foreground for whatever makes up the background that is behind it.  I started exploring and reviewed that the tea kettle was the foreground to the stove as its background. And then the stove became the foreground for the wall that was its background. Not just the part of the wall that I could see but the entire wall of the room I was in. Next the wall became the foreground for the house as its background and the house became the foreground as the earth formed its background. The earth became the foreground for the background of space behind it and then the background of space became the foreground for its greater background of God.    

And I slipped into this surreal sense of seeing, thinking and feeling. I realized that not just images have a sense of foreground and background. Sounds, emotions, thoughts, insights and sensations all have both their routine foreground that is perceived against a larger background. And interestingly that you can shift going in deeper and deeper and then up and back going from one to the other until you get so enmeshed, so unstuck in the foreground of one seeing the next background and then becoming unstuck in that background seeing the next one and the next and the next and the next. Until this becomes immersed within your emotions, going through multiple levels where each emotion is foreground for the background of a deeper emotion behind it. I was quickly reminded as the sound of the heater came on again that this extends to sounds as well. The sound of the heater coming back on again is just the foreground for the background of the OM of all of the sounds pulled together within the Universe. I found that by allowing the foreground to be there by focusing on its background and then allowing the background to also be there I become unstuck in the foreground.  As you become unstuck layer by layer by layer you may find your way into the center of your happiness.  I INVITE YOU TO VISIT MY WEBSITESArchive of NewslettersSpiritual GravityMichael Selzer DDS (retired)Happiness CoachingCharlottesville, VirginiaMikeSelzerDDS@aol.com

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