Mirrors Of Me Secrets For A Happier Life 10-20-2019

When was the last time you were in the “Hall of Mirrors” at the fun house of the arcade.   One mirror made you appear tall and skinny and another fat and short. And now with morphing computer driven images the distortions are practically infinite. However, the fun part is the knowing that the distorted images are not the real you. 
And the only real image is the one you see of yourself in a plain flat clean mirror. But even with that mirror what you “see” is colored by your own self image which changes from day to day depending upon how you are feeling in the moment.
A few days ago I discovered another view of the mirror of me.   I had placed my attention on the sounds I was hearing. Just listening without naming each sound but allowing it to join together with the other sounds, each as a separate instrument in an orchestra. I then added the sights in view as other instruments creating a local rock concert in my mind’s eye. Without much thought I added the sensations of sitting and any muscle twitches or skin itches and then the local aromas and tastes within my mouth. 
It took some attention, concentration and focus to balance and hold all of the senses in mind at one time. Very similar to balancing while riding a bicycle and then letting go of the handle bar. As one sight, sound, taste, aroma or sensation became prominent I rebalanced it with attention on the others.
Lastly I added any thoughts that appeared in mind creating a cacophony of extraordinary combined sense contacts. When all of the awareness of the sense contacts and thought were in balance the resulting awareness shifted to one with no commentary, no liking or disliking; just a peaceful calm watching, like reflections in a mirror, of whatever was arising in consciousness and then the next and the next. 
There was a smoothly flowing stream of awareness, of peaceful noticing. As one sense contact became prominent my sense of flow and calm shut down only to return again when I rebalanced all of the sense contacts.
The only problem that arose was when I did this while walking the dog. A ten minute walk extended into an extraordinary hour.


We are all familiar with earth and space gravity.  Everything pulls and attracts everything else towards it.  The earth is so large in size compared to all of the objects we come in contact with that everything seems to fall toward the earth.  Spiritual gravity is similar in that everything is pulled or attracted to the center of the Heart of the Universe.        SPIRITUAL GRAVITY a blog
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