Drop Thought Into A Well Of Happiness 9-20-2019

Where are your thoughts right now? Are you scanning these words or deeply concentrating on thinking about what you are reading? Is you mind miles away still thinking about the last thing you were doing? Or thinking about something that you want to be doing later? Can you focus your attention on these words right now or are you scanning to see if it seems to be interesting?   You might check you posture and breathing right now to find out.
There is a balance between thought and bodily sensation. Each one can used as a glide path into a calm happy place within the other. Generally the mind thinks thoughts and the body creates sensations.   And the thoughts and sensations intermingle and affect each other. The less interference or direction that the mind is given by the will the better 
off it is. 
When something stimulates the mind like the news about an approaching hurricane thoughts are produced.   If you are a surfer your thoughts might be soaked in adventure. If you live in a trailer possibly thoughts of concern and preparation. In either case its best to watch the thoughts come and go without trying to enhance or diminish them. Like a hand placed in a smoothly flowing stream of water any interjection of willful influence on the thoughts creates a disturbance in their natural flow.
When your thoughts create a feedback loop of too much worry or too much excitement try this:
Stop trying to change your thinking. 
Let your thoughts alone.
Shift to notice what you are feeling within your body.
Pick out one area of tension or sensation.
Relax that specific spot.
Soften the area of the sensation.
Release any tension you can feel in that area.
Even a small release is sufficient.
Allow gravity to let it settle.
A natural well for sensation to flow into has been created.
You will notice that the thoughts that you left alone have also fallen into the well and a natural greater sense and sensation of happiness has taken its place. 


We are all familiar with earth and space gravity.  Everything pulls and attracts everything else towards it.  The earth is so large in size compared to all of the objects we come in contact with that everything seems to fall toward the earth.  Spiritual gravity is similar in that everything is pulled or attracted to the center of the Heart of the Universe.        SPIRITUAL GRAVITY a blog
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