Open Free Dropping Sticky Mind 7-16-2019

I used an old band-aid the other day. It worked fine but my finger remained sticky for hours after I took it off. It felt so much freer when it finally was gone. I could touch things again without that sticky feeling following me around.
Sometimes my mind is also free of all of the “sticky thoughts” that cling to it and feels fuzzy. Sometimes my mind feels free.
Can you describe the state of mind that is free from clinging?
Where there is no stickiness nothing grabbing at your mind. Just like that feeling of stickiness on your fingers and you finally get it off and you can touch things without feeling that stickiness. Or when your mind can touch the experience that is coming in from the sense windows without clinging to something else at the same time. That pure direct experience uncluttered by stickiness to something ; whether it is a lingering thought of the past or a projected thought of the future.
The stickiness can be a leftover worry, a concern, a memory anything which is different than the sense window experiences of sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell and even thoughts. Anything that divides even the slightest amount of your attention away from just, seeing, hearing, smelling, touching or tasting.
Can you imagine a pure un-sticky experience?
What would that state of mind feel like?  What is the experience of being open and free? Can you surrender to the experience can you open to that experience?   Does it have characteristics of body awareness sensation. Is it an open mind sense of freedom? Like, the feeling when the air is so pure or the water so clear or the music just so that,   “I can just hang out all day” from a mind/body standpoint. When the body feels weightless, airy, no pressure comforting and floating.
For one minute or perhaps for merely 10 seconds (right now) just be. Just for one full slow breath. As you breath in allow only the thought and sensation of breathing in and only the thought and  sensation of breathing out. Especially the release of the breath as it flows out all on its own. Being completely free and open.
Okay take one more breath and then back to work.


We are all familiar with earth and space gravity.  Everything pulls and attracts everything else towards it.  The earth is so large in size compared to all of the objects we come in contact with that everything seems to fall toward the earth.  Spiritual gravity is similar in that everything is pulled or attracted to the center of the Heart of the Universe.        SPIRITUAL GRAVITY a blog
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