Secrets For A Happier Life November 2018 Finding You

Imagine looking into a mirror and seeing yourself.
Are you seeing you or a reflection of you?
Look into the mirror of your mind
Are you seeing a reflection of you or seeing yourself?
Who is looking?
The answer is “I am” looking or “me”
Subject and Object
I (the subject) am looking at the mirror (the object).  Whatever is reflected on the mirror of the mind or the actual mirror is the object that is being seen or perceived by the subject. The object which is reflected can be a thought, feeling sensation, image sound, memory etc.
Between the subject and object is the commentator called the Ego
The ego in the middle continually wants more of what it likes and less of what is does not like.  It sees what is reflected on the surface of the mirror and wants more or less of it.  Or it looks deeper into some residue on the mirror and wants more or less of that experience or plan.
Meditation cleans the mirror
The mirror is continuously bombarded by thoughts, sense contacts and chooses liking or disliking what strikes it.  In time a residue builds up and the mirror gets covered and less reflective.  It loses its reflection of direct experience.  Meditation can clean the surface of the mirror.  If the mirror becomes perfectly clean it turns transparent and a greater reality is seen.
This meditation is primarily focused on following the breath.  There are 3 depth levels and variations. Each depth incorporates and builds upon the previous level.
Meditation depth level 1 (see previous blog Your Breath Is More Than Air 8-30-2018)
Meditation depth level 2
For each step below maintain awareness for one breath flowing in and out.  10 breaths 10 focuses of attention
1. Attention on your right foot
2. Attention on your left foot
3. Attention on your right hip
4. Attention on your left hip
5, Attention or the middle of your back
6. Attention on your right elbow
7. Attention on your left elbow
8. Attention on your right shoulder
9. Attention on your left shoulder
10. Attention on the back of your head
Repeat the above 2 more times

As thoughts, feelings, emotions and sensations are reflected in the mirror quietly note their presence and allow them to pass by and dissolve; similar  to watching a bird flying through the sky leaving no trace of its passing.


We are all familiar with earth and space gravity.  Everything pulls and attracts everything else towards it.  The earth is so large in size compared to all of the objects we come in contact with that everything seems to fall toward the earth.  Spiritual gravity is similar in that everything is pulled or attracted to the center of the Heart of the Universe.    SPIRITUAL GRAVITY  a blog
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