Secrets For A Happier Life August 18 2016

Secrets For A Happier Life: Ideas, Inspiration & Practices

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High Holiday Experience!
Rabbi Akiva Mann

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Watch what you do 
August 18, 2016
 Dear Michael,   

Standing with skis on at the top of a multi diamond run. Walking out of the tunnel into a stadium in the middle of a game. Looking out from the top of a mountain after a long climb.
Moments that take your breath away and invite you to breathe in both a deep breath of fresh air along with a full inspiration of the beauty all around you.
Last months newsletter One Minute For Happiness* reviewed relaxing into five one minute moments to allow accumulated stress to drop away. This newsletter refines, deepens and expands these moments into a stress free flowing day. 
I invite you to continue reading below
Michael Selzer DDS

Small Moments Of Happiness
How to do this:
The technique has three steps which are done for each of the same five repetitive activities of your daily schedule. Such as brushing your teeth, preparing a cup of coffee, tea or juice, washing your dishes, starting your car, answering the telephone, opening a door, etc.
Select any five repetitive activities you do each day. For the first 15 to 60 seconds of each one each day do the three steps outlined below.
1. Relax 2. Breathe 3. Clear
Relax — right at the start of the activity or as soon as you remember, just relax. Soften your stance

, slow down and settle for an instant into the moment. You might look up and notice and acknowledge where you are.
Breathe — draw in a slow deep breath holding your breath in for an instant and breathe out slowly.
Clear — your mind of any thoughts other than the details of the activity that you are doing. Focus all of your attention on the physical movements you are making and the physical sensations you are feeling.

 A puppy’s perspective

For example if the the activity is opening a door as you reach for the door knob or as you touch the door knob relax slightly. Relax just enough to become aware of a change or shift in your body’s  sense of muscle tone.
Next place attention on a slow deep breath in and out along with the bodily sensation of breathing.


And third clear your mind of any thoughts other that what it feels like to be opening the door.
Reaching, touching the knob, turning your hand, pushing the door, lifting your foot, moving forward as the door opens, etc. For a few seconds allow all thoughts of past and future, gains and loses, right and wrong, memories and plans etc to drop away. Just the effort of concentration on the details of what you are doing will allow you to drop the stickiness you have to dropping those other lingering thoughts.
You will most likely notice, for a moment, that you have a choice to either relax as you continue with whatever the activity is that you are doing or to push ahead just as you were before the beginning of this exercise.
However, the longer you hold onto the relaxation and continue with the activity the more the softening into the moment resonates.  As the echo of this resonant ease reverberates and grows you will find more and more activities become easier to accomplish.  Your daily stress level will drop and you will start to have more stress free flowing moments to enjoy.
*The previous newsletter reviewed a random noticing of five moments scattered during the day. When the same five activities are used each day the practice and its benefits deepens. Feel free to add additional random moments as they arise.

Actions                                                                  Austen boat
The five 1 minute happiness breaks can be expanded with proportionate benefits up to and including a once a year celebration of happiness.
In the Jewish Tradition, as I interpret it, this is the High Holiday of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  This is a time of extended focus of introspection and connection to our deepest self and extending further through others, community and into the mysterious beyond.
About  10 years ago I was fortunate to be invited to join a group of students studying with Rabbi Akiva Mann.  A quick summary of this teaching, for me, has led me to be able to appreciate the seamless connection between the moment within the hour, the wave within the ocean and the spirit within everything.  That is to relax and soften into contact with more and more happy minutes.  And also to appreciate more of the diversity that surrounds us and to interconnect with it.
This year Rabbi Akiva will be leading High Holiday Services in Boca Raton.  He has assembled many decades of understanding that has melded into an ability to share his insights and teachings as a multidimensional experience of warmth and happiness, insight and understanding.
Rabbi Akiva and our community at IJKL invite you to join us for High Holiday Services.  If you have attended High Holiday Services before and wished you could have become more connected, more engaged and with more enjoyment this is the place to be for this years Service.

Start by selecting one minute for happiness five times a day and prepare for a High Holiday Service to open the Gate beyond Gates.

 For additional information visit the IJKL website
                        Link to IJKL web site


              IJKL High Holiday Experience!

Rabbi Akiva is IJKL’s founder and director.  He is an inspired leader and spiritual innovator.
He is recognized as a stimulating educator, lecturer and Judaic scholar.  Rabbi Akiva is well known for his ability to distill the vastness of Jewish wisdom – both mystical and traditional, into comprehensible and penetrating concepts. His teachings are appreciated for their intellectual, spiritual and emotional power.
                     Link to IJKL web site
              IJKL High Holiday Experience!
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