Secrets For A Happier Life June 26, 2015

Secrets For A Happier Life: Ideas, Inspiration & Practices

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Growing seeds

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“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”


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June 26, 2015
 Dear Michael,   

Erector Set, Log Cabin, Mr. Wizard, Tinker Toys and Pinky Lee* were all, at least for me, about creating something big from little pieces of “stuff.”  It was fascinating and I still enjoy the entire process of creation which has now morphed into an adventure of happiness.


I invite you to continue reading below and hope you enjoy the exploration.

Michael Selzer DDS

*Yoo hoo, it’s me, My name is Pinky Lee. I skip and run with lots of fun For every he and she. It’s plain to see

Quick Changes
If you hold up this picture of sunflowers really close all you can see is flowers.  Right now, try to imagine being surrounded by a sea of sunflowers.  All you see in any direction is sunflowers swaying in response to the changing breeze.

It’s nice to begin a day by viewing flowers as they open to the sunrise.

Small Moments Of Happiness
Seeing flowers can remind us that everything is really a flower, an opening to an aspect of life.  A blooming flower exhibits the essence of that particular kind of flower.  An apple the essence of an apple tree, a tomato the essence of the tomato plant.  


In the same way a table, a chair, a computer everything starts as the idea that was born in someone’s mind and brought to reality.  The table is like a blooming flower of an idea (of a table).  Or actually the blooming of a seed of an idea in someone’s mind.  Within the seed may be just an inkling, a wish or dream.   



 A puppy’s perspective


Seeing flowers is also a subconscious reminder of our own flower of life blossoming to life in this moment.  As we are right now is the flower of our life and dreams grown to this moment in time.
Flowers live short lives relative to the universe of things.  So do we;  Live Blossom Now.



                               Austen boat

1. Plant a seed

Water it daily

Watch for sprouts to show up

2. Or buy flowers and look closely each morning for       changes as you water them

3. List 3 projects or accomplishments etc that you       have done and the seed or thought they have           sprouted from.

4.  List 3 seeds you would like to start.  Review              each day for three days adding or subtracting            seeds.

5.  Choose one to start on the fourth day.

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