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Dissecting for happiness

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Dissecting for happiness

Growing happiness
February 18, 2015
 Dear Michael,   


As I was growing up the good thing about something breaking down or not working was that I could get to take it apart.  I was always interested in what was on the inside of things.  What is there, how does it work, what can I make it do? 


All the tubes and wires inside an old radio, the plug at the end of the wire from the radio and even the inside of the tubes.  My favorite was the mercury inside a broken thermometer. This progressed through cameras, watches, comparative anatomy and teeth (in dental school).  My current dissection has been exploring the inside of happiness.

Recently I started

to post a daily thought/photo on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin and I invite you to check it daily.  Below are a few of the posts along with part of the dissection of happiness for today.

I invite you to continue reading below and hope you enjoy this exploration.

Michael Selzer DDS  

Quick Changes
We have an internal voice that seems to talk to us all day long.  It is like the commentator of a sporting event continually telling us what is good or bad and comparing one thing to another.  The play-by-play announcer is more neutral describing what is happening without all of the opinion.  Most of the time the commentator inside our head is primarily dividing our experience in each moment as either liking, disliking or neutral.  And then we jump to wanting more of the liking and pushing away the disliking.

Happiness grows both from the events and circumstances that surround us as well as from an internal self generated place.  Our disposition to happiness is made up of 50 % heredity, 10% daily circumstance and 40% from our internal choice of relating to what is happening around us.  And the 40% of choice can trump the other 60% and by choice we can be 100% happy.

Happiness from the inside begins with a willingness to be happy right now.  Happiness is in the present not the future.  Ask yourself if you are truly happy right now?  If not what is blocking your happiness?  For a moment drop any resistance to being happy.  What do you feel?  If you really need to pick up that resistance again it will be available.  Our natural state of being is happiness.

What blocks happiness is resistance to being happy.  By exploring and dissecting happiness you can touch upon ways that resonate with you to drop the resistance.  In addition just as I was able to take the parts from one dissected piece of equipment to build another my dissection of happiness has uncovered the parts that can actually rebuild happiness that has broken down.

Small Moments Of Happiness
Resistance is found not only in thoughts but also in their counterpart of body sensation.  When you are happy your body feels light, free and airy.  When unhappy or fearful your body tenses up and you feel tight.  Right now while sitting notice the expression on your face.  Next, soften your face muscles along with everything else that is not needed to hold you up.


For this moment drop the need to finish or get to the next thing on your agenda.  Take a slow breath in and soften the small muscles around your mouth or eyes.  Let this muscle softening spread through your body.  Notice a shift in your thoughts as happiness starts to surface.

 A puppy’s perspective



Outside events can also create happiness. Winning the game, being with family, being warm and dry, having space to spread out in; add your own experiences.  Sloooowing down to be conscious of being willing to be happy and to grow happiness. Consciously look for places to be happy by giving happiness.  Give away a parking space that you got to first and save time for someone else.

Consciously say thank you with the intention of growing happiness and truly be thankful rather than a rote response.  Hold a door for someone, farther away than just behind you, and while waiting breathe in relaxation within your face muscles and feel the growing sensations of happiness spreading through your body.

Happiness is both a goal and a path to travel along with many moments along the way.  

Plan ahead your willingness to be happy right now is the first step along this journey.

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