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3- 12-2014 

Walking in the rain for happiness 

Stringing moments 
May 6, 2014
 Dear Michael,   


Moments of our lives pass by continually.  Most of these moments are here and gone without our noticing them as we mostly remain absorbed in thoughts of what we want to be doing in the future or still thinking about the reverberations of the past.  Even the highlighted moments that come and go during an average day are soon forgotten and lost to the past.


When we recall the happy moments of our experiences we obtain a boost of energy and we feel good.  If a group of happy moments are strung together in a story we can more easily remember the story and receive a greater value from its memory and as a story it is also easier to remember.  Like a group of keys on a ring the story is easier to take out and use rather than a bunch of loose keys in your pocket.


I invite you to continue reading below and hope you enjoy this string of moments below.


Michael Selzer DDS  

Quick Changes
 ….another time I was listening to Rigaletto.  I remember thinking that my dad loved to listen to opera music.  We had an old wooden dresser like piece of furniture that was downstairs in the finished basement of our house on 250th Street in Bellerose.  My dad had finished most of the basement except for the flooring which his friend Sam Lane had placed while my dad recovered from a heart attack in Manhasset Hospital.  I was somewhere under 14.  I know that because kids under 14 were not allowed to visit but I got special permission to go in for a minute and I remember tossing my dad a box of cookies.  It felt like I was breaking the rules the whole time I was there.  I thought he looked pretty good. He got to stay in bed all day and with his own TV to boot.


Rigaletto wafting up through the floor even before the finishing of the basement was finished. At that time  it was just called  downstairs.  It had an  unpainted concrete floor and cinderblock walls where my dad would listen to Rigaletto on an old Victrola.  It played a 78 record probably with a nail for a needle.   I don’t know anything else that could have made the background sound that scratchy.  Although to me it was just a part of the expected sound of the record.  How would I know I never went to hear an opera and have my own experience of the real thing.  This was way before hi fidelity and you got what you got.


A few years later my dad’s  friend Sam came over all excited to tell us about his new hi fi.  A new type of record player to replace the Victrola and that the sound was truly magnificent.  I remember walking the two blocks over to Sam’s house with my mom and dad.  He had this hi fi which was just that a hi fi no big wooden crate .   It just sat by itself on awooden bench.  He played some music and was enthralled with the beautiful sound that he said was now in “high fidelity.” It could have been high unreality; for all I could tell it sounded just like what I had at home with a bit less scratching.  But for Sam it was heaven.


Small Moments Of Happiness
Sam was always coming over with something new.  One time it was 8 am I think on a Sunday morning .  He rings the front doorbell —  a double chime.  My morning reverie of some made up self play is broken.  The front door, so early, what could that be about?  Oh!  its just Sam .  I always liked Sam he was really a fun guy. And he always took time to talk to me and show me things.  


Anyway,  he is all excited even more than his usual all excited and holding a newspaper with a picture or headline about the Russians sending this thing around the earth. A satellite.  Could that be true.  Fly around the earth.  Only superman can do that.  My dad and Sam are chatting about the next thing and that  it will go to the moon.  And I am thinking maybe now Ralph Cramdon will really be able to send Alice to the moon like he is always telling her.


Ralph Crandom was the main character of a wonderful TV sit com named the Honeymooners starring Jackie Gleason. I always thought the Flintstones was based on that show.  Anyway mydad’s name was also Ralph maybe that’s why I loved the show so much. Or maybe my dad did for the name sake.  He also opened me up to Ralph Bellamy and Ralph Waldo Emerson.  I don’t know that people are named Ralph anymore.  Ralph was my dad’s English name his Hebrew name was Raphel which is the name of the Angel for healing from Jewish Tradition.


I guess Sam continued with his love of everything.  One time many years later my wife Amy and I were on a driving and camping trip across the country from NYC to the California coast.  Sure enough Sam had moved to San Jose just south of San Francisco.  Of course we went to visit.  Wouldn’t you know Sam had the latest newest way to grow vegetables.  Hydrophonics. Growing plants without any dirt.  He held up this tomato right off the vine and after offering us a bite he took a big one and was back in paradise.  “What a flavor and juice,” I can still hear his voice.


A puppy’s perspective


The only time I was not happy with Sam is when he turned on my dog Brownie.  Sam’s family and mine were on a camping trip in Highpoint, NJ.  It started to rain on Friday evening when we got there and did not stop.  By Saturday afternoon we were all tired of sitting cramped in two separate tents so wedecided to move all of the gear and clothing and food into my parent’s tent which was the smaller of the two and then we could all gather including Brownie in Sam’s bigger tent and have a rain party.


All went well until my my dog let out a horrendous fart.  It was the worst ever and then it happened.  Sam said to throw her out into the rain.  Well maybe he said she should just go out.  Well of course I objected and so did Brownie she liked being dry and she didn’t know what she did anyway.


I remember when she did fart she would whip her head around to see what made the noise.  What did she know. But the vote was cast and she went out.  Just a few minutes later the rain really started to come down in buckets and poor Brownie looked drenched and forlorn.


Unfortunately she was let back in and we found out that the only thing that smells worse than doggy fart is soaking wet doggy hair.  In fact I remember that my dog hated to go out for a pee in the rain or to get wet in general.  I guess she didn’t like the smell either.

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