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Letting go April 10, 2013
 Dear Michael,   


When I eat potato chips or ice cream it is Ice cream cakevery easy to keep my attention on what I am doing. Eating these foods for me not only satisfies my taste buds but allows me to relax into the moment.  It feels like the ancient idiom about having your cake and not only eating it but still having it. It just feels good and that good feeling lingers for a while even after the last bite. 
I invite you to continue reading below to explore how eating these fun foods can be even more helpful.
Michael Selzer DDS  

Quick Changes
The good news is that even though these are not the healthiest of foods there is a silver lining to their eating. In reaching for the bag of chips or dish of ice cream there is a softening of our grasp on being  healthy, a softening into just enjoyment and being happy. Come on now; even for you couch potatoes out there (a shrinking group) there is still at least an iota of guilt that is let go while reaching for the bag or dish. “Okay just one,” seems to run through the mind as we relax into the expectation of delicious flavor and satisfaction.


It is this relaxation or softening or giving in that is the key to the silver lining. How so?


Jump to the flip side of this, to having to do an action or activity that brings with it the opposite feeling of eating chips or ice cream. What might that be for you? Washing the dishes? Cleaning your closet? Sitting in traffic? trafficReading this newsletter? If you look into your reaction to the these thoughts you might notice a little tightening somewhere in your body just at the thought of having to do something that you do not like to do.


The key is in the commitment or the decision you make to do this activity anyway. Sitting in traffic comes up; you are stuck there. Cleaning the dishes comes up; you do them. Finding your way into letting go of the tension or tightness, which accompanies the not wanting to be doing this activity, can be found in the chips and ice cream.

Small Moments Of Happiness
How does this work?


The muscles in the body store information and reactions to repetitive events. Many most or all (depending on your point of view) of our thoughts are intimately related to body sensations and stored muscle memory. We learned to eat, drive a car or play golf and now allow our muscle memory to direct these actions. The same muscle groups tighten or relax as a response to repetitive actions.muscles soft  If you find where you soften in the reaching for the chips or ice cream you will notice it is the same place you tighten in response to having to do things you would prefer not to do. The tightening comesmuscles stressedfrom the resistance we have to the unwanted activity. If you are going to do this activity anyway why suffer through it? Wouldn’t it be more enjoyable to soften and relax or let go of the tightness and tension you usually associate with this action? It is actually your choice.


By practicing and noticing how or where you soften and let go each time you do something you enjoy, you can find your way into letting go and relaxing this area. You build up and strengthen this muscle memory. After building this enjoyable muscle memory look for small areas to apply it. Look for the resistance that comes up off and on during the day. Begin with noticing the resistance to the activity, remembering you have a means to drop the resistance and then recalling the softening into the reaching for chips or ice cream. Then just do that, soften (let your muscle memory kick in) and allow the resistance to dissolve into the softening; like water flowing down the drain. You can then continue and allow the activity to proceed as you make the choice to travel along this path into happiness.


Happiness:  A puppy’s perspective for living in the moment 
  austen happy










Happy and waiting                 for another




Austen a bit tight faced

and frustrated still waiting for his



Golf Secrets:  A golfer’s perspective for living in the moment
This June 2-6 I invite you to continue your exploration of focusing on your senses to release distractions and enjoy more success and fun while playing golf.
Swingolf for Health: Thriving On and Off the Course

Explore the inner source of health and happiness as you discover ways to integrate more vitality into your golf game, work, and life.


Les Bolland’s Swingolf provides a unique opportunity to experience golf using harmonious body movements without technical commands from the intellect.


Michael Selzer’s BeJoyNow methodology enables you to spend more moments in joy both on and off the course.


In this workshop, learn to

  • Play golf with more consistency
  • Drive a longer ball with less effort
  • Improve putting through wood play and golf course strategy
  • Go from frustration to joy in any moment
  • Shift from tension to relaxation using simple breathing techniques
  • Apply a new paradigm that changes “work” into an enjoyable activity
  • Address patterns that keep you from success.

In an environment of relaxation and fun, find greater enjoyment on the golf course and harmony of mind, body, and spirit no matter where you are.

June 2-6th 2013

Kripalu Center For Yoga And Health


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