Secrets For A Happier Life December 18, 2012
Secrets For A Happier Life: Ideas, Inspiration & Practices
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Right now are you truly happy? Yoga studio meditation

If not what is blocking your happiness?

If you want water to flow you can just reach for the tap and turn it on. But where is the switch to turn on happiness? Does it truly exist?

Building on my experiences of yoga, mystical thought and Buddhist psychology I have found a switch that works for me. I would be delighted to share this with you and also welcome your feedback on how it can become even more exciting for you too.


  I invite you to come and share my journey.
Simply yoga
Best regards,
Mike Selzer DDS

January 12, 2013 1:00 to 2:30 PM

Simply Yoga 2275 S. Federal Hwy #150 Delray Beach
561 735-7172
Register online and more information at:


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Happiness is a choice




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Choose Happiness Now                    December 18, 2012
Dear Michael,  


Choice Happiness is a choice

Do we choose to be happy when circumstances arise that we associate with being happy or is it solely the circumstances?

Did we learn to be happy in those circumstances ? i.e. was it the proper response in those circumstances to be happy and in other circumstances to be unhappy?

Think about it, as infants we responded without thinking or choosing. We may have been uncomfortable when wet or cold or hungry. But mostly we learned to respond in happy or unhappy ways to what we saw our parents do.
Even now after the first moment of any outside circumstance or happening don’t we choose to be either happy or unhappy about it? Or like or dislike it or to want more or less of it?

I invite you to continue reading below.


Michael Selzer DDS 

Quick Changes

Do you want to be happy? 

Some of the time or all of the time?


What if we choose to be happy (on the inside) no matter what happens on the outside?

Sure most of us say we want to be happy but do we really mean it? Or do we mean we want the circumstances to be what we want and then when that happens we will be happy? But in the mean time or when circumstances are not what we want we choose to be miserable. As crazy as that may sound mostly we choose to be happy and we choose to be miserable.
So what can you do if you truly want to be happy?

First realize that happiness is really a choice. Start with small things.  Like a restaurant has only the pink packets of sweetener and not the blue ones that you really want. When that comes up can you make the choice to be happy regardless of the outside circumstance. How about when the car in front of you is going slower than you want and you get stuck at the red light just after he goes through? Can you just make the choice and stick with being happy regardless of the outside circumstance?


Work your way up to bigger issues as you truly start to realize that happiness is truly a choice.

Small Moments Of Happiness
             Exercises to work on
Happiness is an attitude that you travel with not a destination.


Since we are all moving up and back or in and out

of being happy moving in the direction of, “all the

time happiness,” means that we are practicing recovering faster after slipping out of happiness.
           Returning to happiness
Step 1 – Hold the intention in mind of planning to choose happiness. Step 2 – Whenever you become aware of not being happy just stop and consciously notice it. Step 3 – Allow the unhappiness to be just be as it is for a moment and reaffirm your intention to choose happiness. Step 4 – Scan your body and find where you are unconsciously using effort to hold your body up or where you are using effort to hold a particular facial expression. Step 5 – Drop or release or relax that effort-just let it go. Step 6 – Feel this release like opening a clenched fist or taking off a heavy jacket when you come out of the cold into a warm room or a wet shirt when you get caught in the rain. Step 7 – Let out a small sigh and feel the opening around your heart and the softening around your eyes. Step 8 – Recall your intention to choose happiness. Step 9 -Now — make your choice.

Happiness:  A puppy’s perspective for living in the moment

Austen happy I choose happiness now.

Golf Secrets:  A golfer’s perspective for living in the moment
Anyone who plays golf is very familiar with the joys and sorrows that accompany this wonderful game.
Why not take advantage of the spontaneous joys that come along with a good swing and watching your ball fly towards the green and land very near the hole.  Or the joy of sinking a long birdie putt.
Experience the ability to integrate and transfer or copy this feeling of  joy into more moments of your life off the course at work and at home.
This June I invite you to join Les Bolland, PGA and myself to a combined golf and happiness workshop.
Swingolf for Health: Thriving On and Off the Course

Explore the inner source of health and happiness as you discover ways to integrate more vitality into your golf game, work, and life.


Les Bolland’s Swingolf provides a unique opportunity to experience golf using harmonious body movements without technical commands from the intellect.


Michael Selzer’s BeJoyNow methodology enables you to spend more moments in joy both on and off the course.


In this workshop, learn to

  • Play golf with more consistency
  • Drive a longer ball with less effort
  • Improve putting through wood play and golf course strategy
  • Go from frustration to joy in any moment
  • Shift from tension to relaxation using simple breathing techniques
  • Apply a new paradigm that changes “work” into an enjoyable activity
  • Address patterns that keep you from success.

In an environment of relaxation and fun, find greater enjoyment on the golf course and harmony of mind, body, and spirit no matter where you are.


               June 2-6th 2013


           Kripalu Center For Yoga And Health

            Registration or More Information


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