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“Almost every wise saying has an opposite one, no less wise, to balance it.”
George Santanya

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October 2, 2012
Dear Michael,   When I was a kid I was allowed to watch a limited amount of television. So much per week and so much per weekend. But if I watched Mr.Wizard which was a half hour of science and physics experiments for kids that time did not count towards my TV time.

So I was happy to watch and I really did enjoy the program. It was a really cool idea that my dad had. It got me to watch a program that my dad tbalance videohought was more worthwhile than Hop A-Long-Cassidy or Roy Rodgers or Captain Video although they had certain value also. Mr. Wizard was played by Don Herbert and it was a really good show.  

That set me up to enjoy science and experiments, figuring things out, how things work and how they fit together where you can take one idea or concept and apply that to multiple situations.

I invite you to continue reading below.
Michael Selzer DDS
Quick Changes
Now, on to balance. If you take a penny, a nbalance coinickel, a dime and a quarter and try to balance them on edge,  on a flat surface you will probably find that the nickel is the easiest because it has a wide edge that is flat. The dime is the most difficult having ridges and a narrow edge and the penny and quarter in between.

If the surface were on a slope and you tried to balance it sideways it would make it more difficult and if it were lengthwise the coin would just roll down the slope and would not balance at all.

Hold that thought.

Now, if you think about yourself when you are thinking about the future or the past that is like the coin leaning toward the back or the front and it will not balance. When you are not centered, when your mind is not focused on what is happening right now your thought process is out of balance. This pulls you away from being happy.

What do you do when you become aware or notice that your mood or thought patterns have become annoying and uncomfortable? Remember this is Secrets For A Happier Life. So your first choice is to decide if you want to be happier or not.

If I am not happy right now do I truly want to be happy? Accept that the circumstances are what they are. Does that mean I cannot be happy because the circumstances are not what I want them to be right now? And I therefore can only be happy in the future? (Which will never get here because in the future it will be now and I may be thinking I was happier last year so I am still not happy right now.) This becomes happiness based on the outside circumstances.

What I am talking about is in addition to the outside circumstances that can give you a boost or a knock down or a blow to your happiness there is still an internal sense of happiness that can actually override or at least be a factor in your general level of happiness.

Small Moments Of Happiness
Start by looking into this moment right now. Ask yourself these questions, “Am I truly happy right now?   Do I want to be the way I am or do I want to be happy? Do I want to reach for a happier thought?” Assuming that your answer is yes continue reading.

Now there are circumstances that you are supposed to be unhappy. Without going into any detail it is justified to unhappy when those circumstances come up. That is fine. Be unhappy, be miserable be sad. It is justifiable and you can wallow in that as long as you choose to; but when things are not quite that bad and you realize that the temperature is not 72 it is 74 and I am only happy when the temperature is 72 you can deal with it.

Allowing things to be the way they are allows you to be happy because happiness is the natural state. Coming back to happiness is the key. We all will get knocked off from being happy. That is just the way life is you are on and you are off, on and off. When you can come back faster to the state of happiness that is the process of Secrets For A Happier Life, returning to the natural state of happiness

Balance just like with the coin occurs when you are focused on what is happening right now. By placing your attention on the present moment, this very instant right now, the happier you will be becausebalance tight rope  you are not in the past or the future. You are in the present and when you are truly in the present you are in the natural state of happiness. It is just there, it emanates just like a light bulb emanates light and heat it is just what it does. The sun emanates light and heat it radiates it. You, your person your body your individual complete tri part soul whatever it is radiates happiness. The Universe is happy.

Yes, we create conditions to make ourselves happy or unhappy. We create games to make ourselves happy or unhappy. Take golf it is a great game and you can get ecstatic in it or miserable in it. Or you can just play it and enjoy it. And be happy and the score is just the score.

But you still get moments of elation and its opposite depression and it is your choice.

So what can you do?

So the first thing is to make the decision do I want to be happy. Okay, I would like to be happy what do I do?

First just find out am I balanced or not? Am I leaning forward or backward? Are my thoughts to the future or to the past? You want to bring them into the present. When your posture is balanced then your thought process is also more balanced.

The more balanced you become the happier you are.

So just balance your body. If you are sitting rock back and forward from your hips and side to side. Bring your torso over your seat. Sit squarely like the nickel so that your torso is balanced over your hips and then balance your shoulders over your torso and then your head over your shoulders. If standing do the same and bring the weight of your body more balanced over your feet.

Allow a nice full breath to flow into your nose and to flow out and flow into that balance. Explore it for a moment, sway a bit or swirl a bit feeling the balance. Once that balance is centered your mind starts to become balanced and centered and you will see that you are a little bit happier than you were a moment ago. You are now radiating a little bit more happiness.

Happiness:  A puppy’s perspective for living in the moment
That’s the whole deal (be like a puppy)  just balance your body while walking, sitting, working and lying down. You do not have to stop what you are doing. Just do whatever you are doing while being in balance. Try this balancing for 3 seconds whenever you become aware of being stresed.

It takes less strain on your muscles to sit, work or stand in balanceAusten yoga balance  than to hunch over or lean over. All of the extra effort it takes to use muscle strain to overcome the off balance weight of a leaning body can be saved to be happy and to feel more energized at the end of a long day. Your thoughts will be more in harmony and present with the balance of your body.

When the body and the mind stay in the present and stay in balance both work and play move closer together as you hum along with a happy tune.

Golf Secrets:  A golfer’s perspective for living in the moment
From Michael Lamanna
Place 5 tees in the ground 4 inches apart in a line. * Stand just inside the closest tee and begin swinging a 7-iron back and through with a continuous swing motion. * Begin walking forward, clipping each tee out of the ground in succession. * Repeat this drill three times and you will find a swing pace that will allow you to keep your balance and still generate clubhead speed.

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