Happiness Workshop

More Joy   More Rapport   More Success
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Happiness Workshop 
Thriving At Work And At Home – a deep happiness exercise
More Joy  More Rapport  More Success
Mike Selzer DDS  561 487-4555
90 minute Workshop
This workshop explores the happiness that comes from within. A short presentation of background theory is presented followed by two guided experiences. These experiences involve using your own memories of your own experiences to touch and bring to awareness happiness in this moment. The experience of happiness is strengthened and integrated by a combination of viewing photographs, a short video, visualizations, sharing and building rapport with self and others, drawings and group discussion. 
Participants will understand that fun has more enthusiastic energy than work.  That resistance to what is happening creates stress.  That repeated stress lowers energy and creates the feeling of work.  Also, that attention to the details of what is immediately in front of us leads us back to happiness. When you are happy others appreciate it and enjoy being with you.  This grows into better rapport which leads to more success.
I would be happy to present this mini-workshop
(I hope you enjoy the attached 3 minute video)
Watch 3 minute video about the seminar 
Watch 2 minute response by patients & staff
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I am a dentist in Boca Raton and have had lived in patient’s reciprocating happiness and stress for 35 years. During that time my intention for peacefulness has become my journey and I have been able to translate life’s stresses into happiness. I have developed a personal coaching niche based upon “you” uncovering your own experiences of happiness.  I also have created a book Inner Thoughtscapes – Glimpses of Joy and a monthly e-mail newsletter Secrets For A Happier Life. Along with practicing yoga and the study of meditation for 30 years I have led meditation groups and workshops.
BeJoyNow is about touching the glimpses of joy that exist within every moment. Through the use of images and stories your own memories are brought to mind and body and become the foundation of your growth towards more joyful moments. If you string a group of individual notes together you create a song. Enough notes and you have a symphony. Imagine what it would be like to be able to string together the notes of joy. Wouldn’t that be nice? Well you can. There is an ocean of joy that we all exist in and can learn to touch at will. Joy that is from within and not due to external circumstances. BeJoyNow can guide you to merge your notes of joy so they become a raft to carry you along through the experiences of your life.
  This mini-workshop is 90 minutes and can stand alone or can be part 1 of a 4 part series.
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