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Ice, water and steam for happiness





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“When I was five years old, my mother always  told me that happiness was the key to life.
  When I went to school they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. 
I wrote down ‘happy’.  They told me I did not understand the assignment.  I told them they did not underfstand life.”
John Lennon


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May 31, 2012


Dear Michael,  


Music boxes and happiness are interconnected. You probably remember the classical music box with the small crank on one side that played music as you turned it round and round until the top suddenly popped open and a clown or some other surprise exploded into view.


In a similar manner the body’s nerves and muscles work the same way. A build up of energy is needed to become a tipping point and then the nerve fiber or muscle fiber reacts. It is called an action potential and a build up of energy below the needed threshold has no effect. However, once the threshold is reacted the fiber jumps into action just like the music box.


Ice, water and steam respond in the same way to a build up of energy as in heating water until it reaches its boiling point and then turns to steam or in cooling water, reducing its energy until it changes its state and becomes ice.


Once again we see this with happiness which has its own action potential and its three states.


I invite you to continue reading and build to your own action potential.

Michael Selzer DDS

Quick Changes

The first state of happiness is happiness that is related to the conditions that are present. You receive good news or win a golf tournament and you become happy. Hit a ball into the lake and you may become something else. Your state of happiness is dependent on the changing conditions and like the weather it keeps changing.


The second state of happiness is less dependent onhappiness inbetween conditions and is more dependent on your vision of a bigger picture or attitude. You may be in the middle of an interesting project and your attention to the project maintains you happiness independently of the changing conditions that come and go. Or you can feel or imagine the bigger picture and see the changing conditions as bumps but not obstacles to your happiness.


The third state is similar to being in the zone of a sports player. You become connected to just being happy or just being in a zone where whatever comes your way is merged with and you are happy through and through. Each moment of the day is greeted as a new guest in your house that you welcome in with open arms and enjoy.


Within each state as with the temperature of the changing states of water there is a quality or degree of intensity of that state. And you can move this up or down willfully. As you approach a change in happiness state as with the water an action potential is reached and you shift from one to the other.


Let’s call the conditioned state ice, the visionary or attitudinal state water and the zone state steam. If the conditions that create happiness in the (ice) state build up an action potential may be reached and you shift into the second state of vision or attitude (water) like going from ice to water. And again if you spend enough time in the water state you may shift to the zone or steam state. Each state has more energy or happiness.

Small Moments Of Happiness

You can also cultivate each of the three states and increase their quality or energy.


Cultivation of the three levels of happiness



1. Happiness comes and goes on its own

2. Happiness can be cultivated so that it appears more often and stays longer

3. The mind body system can form grooves that direct more flow into happiness

4. You can create space around this moment to allow more of the experience of happiness

5. Neurons that fire together get wired together


When conditional happiness (ice) shows up


1. Notice it and hold in awareness for 20 seconds and especially enjoy it

2. Realize that it will not continue forever it is conditional

3. Savor it because you know it will not last

4. Practice not clinging to the happiness as an exercise to let go of needing experience to be only one way

5. Have gratitude for the happiness

6. Share the happiness with others directly or by allowing them space to be as they are. Comment on what is part of your happiness or add benefit to others concerns


When attitude/visionary happiness (water) shows up


1. Notice it and hold in awareness for 20 seconds and savor it

2. Know that is due to your vision or attitude being larger than the conditions present

3. If conditions are good know that this happiness is even larger than the condition

4. If conditions are not good you sense the space around this and just let it be

5. Have gratitude for the happiness

6. Share the happiness


When zone happiness (steam)shows up


1. Notice and hold for 20 seconds and enjoy itshappiness psychologist luminosity

2. Notice the difference between this happiness and  the other two

3. Have gratitude for the happiness

4. Share the happiness



The cultivation of the three levels of happiness by noticing happiness when it arises, placing attention on the happiness, being grateful for the happiness and sharing the happiness gradually deepens the groove of happiness within the body/mind system.


As more moments of the day are spent in happiness it becomes easier to return to happiness when you notice it is not present.


Golf Secrets:  A golfer’s perspective for living in the moment
Yogi Berra could have been talking about golf when he said that 50% of baseball is 90% mental.  I think his intention was to shift your thinking from left brain thoughts of technique about a stationary ball to right brained thoughts of reacting. 
This requires visualization which may start with trying to imagine 50% of 90% and then just feeling the swing. With the right brain engaged you are more able to feel your way into the swing.
Focusing on the fun and feel of the swing is like the water level of happiness. You are disengaged from needing a particular result in order to be happy while playing golf.  And it turns out that by being more relaxed and having fun you actually get more of the result that you wanted.

Happiness:  A puppy’s perspective for living in the moment

An interesting thought about dogs and communication


It sounds odd to say a creature that communicatesHappiness dog run with barking and body language can have such a profound effect on human communication. But by providing a common point of reference and concern, dogs help us to feel a connection to other humans.


That connection makes us feel more comfortable communicating with each other. When meeting a new person, the presence of a dog reduces the time before people feel comfortable while talking with each other by 45 percent.


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