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” We don’t stop playing because we turn old, but turn old because we stop playing”


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Are we having fun yet?
January 12, 2012
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 Dear (Contact First Name),   


Welcome back to Secrets For A Happier Life.
“Are we having fun yet?” is the most famous quote by bizarre, non-sequitur-spouting comic strip character Zippy the Pinhead.
It was coined in 1979 by cartoonist Bill Griffith as one of the typically strange comments by Zippy, and caught on with the general public.Guy to co-worker at boring job: “Hey Gus, how’s it going?”
The reply, accompanied by eye-rolling and sarcastic tone: “Are we having fun yet?”


The question behind this is really what is fun? And realizing that when we are having fun (doing some fun activity) we are happy.


I invite you to read more. Maybe it will be fun.
Michael Selzer DDS
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Quick Changes
For example what are you doing right now? Reading? Thinking? Sitting? Moving a mouse around? Looking at the computer or smart phone screen? Breathing?Which one of these is your attention focused on? Is there some foreground of attention and some background of what you are thinking about doing later? Is reading this interesting enough to obtain your full attention?

When you are applying your full attention to something are you aware of being happier at thatfun yet fun run time?

Think about it.

We “have” fun.
We “are” happy.  
Fun is the doing or the edge of something before it becomes funny. Too much fun becomes funny or even silly which might even be more fun.It is fun to watch or hear something that is funny.
But what is the fun part? What is the fun part of tennis or golf or anything?
It is an attitude. Can you find the fun in any activity? Where is it?  It is in the “now” the moment as in. “having ” fun. It is at the edge of anticipation of what may happen.

At a comic club it is watching the set up of the joke and then waiting in anticipation or with bated breath for the punch line.  It’s fun. 

In golf the fun might be the continual anticipation of, “It might be a great shot.” That’s the fun part the anticipation with the right attitude. Where the ball goes is another story. As long as you think or anticipate that it might be a great shot it’s fun. If you lose the right attitude (due to your ball going in the lake) then you will have less fun.  
It’s fun to look for seashells along the beach; who knows what else you may find.
The anticipation of something if you allow it to be there with the proper attitude turns into having fun. Finding the fun of other activities or moments in life is an adjustment of attitude.
Imagine watching in anticipation for the bobber while fishing to move; waiting for the punch line of the joke; for the smile of the infant; for your dog to wag its tail; becoming interested in this moment knowing that it might tickle my fancy or the anticipation of watching for the sunrise in each moment before dawn.
Remembering to practice this is easily forgotten.  You might draw a symbol that represents this idea to you on a small dot and place that on the mirror of your car or over your sink. 
Or as suggested by Rabbi Sigal to wear a special piece of jewelery, “When the commitments to your life are always physically with you, they are not easily forgotten.” Rabbi Sigal listen to your heart 
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 Small Moments Of Happiness

The fun occurs whenever we are fully connected to the now. Connection occurs when we are fully concentrated and aware and noticing intimatelyfun yet car ride what we are doing.

Why is a very small waterfall less fun to watch than a very tall long waterfall? A magazine article compared to a novel? An appetizer compared to a full course meal? How long can you hold the attitude of anticipation?  

The four parts of having fun:

 1.      Willful – noticing what is in front of you. Taking a moment to become mindful. Where are you? What are you feeling? What is your mood? How do you feel about your mood? Do you have an attitude of anticipation? 

2.      Surrender to whatever is happening. Let go of thinking about the past or what you would prefer to be doing later or tomorrow. Surrender to this moment. Become present. Wiggle your toes and feel your feet inside your shoes. Breath in, feel your breath moving against your body. Notice the wetness in your mouth. Listen for a sound around you. Look again at what you are doing. What is right in front of you right now? 

3.      Now that you have surrendered to this moment go with the flow. Become swept up in it like a wave at the beach. Relax and tumble along with this wave of now. Like catching a wave at the beach you have to relax into it. What is your natural inclination to be or do in this moment? Allow it to happen. 

4.    So we have to get out of the way. We can do this by focusing attention on getting out of the way by not doing. Actually by non-thinking and just allowing the body to be. 

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Golf Secrets:  A golfer’s perspective for living in the moment
One of the fun parts of golf is striking the ball. That takes a fraction of a second. What else is there?
I invite your response as to what is the fun part of golf for you? Is golf more or less fun now than when you started to play? What has changed? What might you do to allow more of golf to be more fun?
I will compile your responses in an anonymous summary.
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Happiness:  A puppy’s perspective for living in the moment  
Same question as golf.      Email your responses.  austin and kobi

What is fun for you and your dog, cat, bird, fish , turtle, snake, hamster, orangutan etc.


Or what does your pet enjoy even if you do not? 

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