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“Everything is something you decide to do, and there is nothing you have to do.” 


Denis Waitley



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Making it the right decision April 28, 2011

Dear Michael,   



The Happiness of Making Decisions

Once you make a decision let it be the right decision.


Decisions decisions decisions. We are making them almost continually one right after the other. Can I sleep just five more minutes? Where did I leave my car keys?  Which email to respond to first? What to have for lunch? And those are just a few of the easy ones.

 decision judge

Do you ever get so overwhelmed with such a busy life that you find making the simplest decisions challenging?


I invite you to read on and find your way through decisions back into happiness. 



Michael Selzer DDS




Quick Changes

There are 4 parts the first 3 are:


  1. Support
  2. Release
  3. Let it go

Support your decision. As outlined in the  law of attraction things you place attention on increase. If you place attention on supporting your decision it gains strength. If you detract or pull back, waver or waffle as if thinking “was it the right decision?, I could have done differently?, etc that all detracts from it.  So from the law of attraction the first thing is support.  You made a decision stick to it and support it.



Second it is a release.  Think back to when youdecision info were in school and you studied for one exam after another and then the big exam came and you took it .


You were really concerned before hand that you wanted to do well and you took the exam. At that point there was just a big release.  Whether you did well or not there was a big release.  So a decision is like that it is a release.  You make a decision and just relax and let go.


The third part is just that let it go.  The decision is in the past. Now is now; when you can make a decision and then let it go you can be with what is happening in this moment.  And you will therefore be able to place your full attention on the now.



Back to the 4th part.  If you remember from the television show West Wing President Barlett would take care of one gyrating, gynormous international problem; it got solved or not and then he would turn to his staff and calmly say, “Okay what’s next?”







Small Moments Of Happiness

So that’s it what’s next? You’ve made your decision your have the support for it you have the release from it.  You  have the getting into the moment of right now and you look and see what is right here in front of you and you calmly say, What’s next?


The immediate effect of this is to release the bodyinfo 2 mind spirit system from its contraction, from its condensation and from its being squeezed into a closed down box. The body mind spirit system can now expand.  The hindrances to this expanded feeling are all removed by making a decision and sticking to it.  The result is the opening up to the happiness that is continually available inside the box.


Happiness:  A puppy’s perspective for living in the moment  
Judging from my daughter’s Bich Poo thausten foodere is very little to decide.  If there is food, eat it.  If there is something or someone to play with, play.  If there is no food or play available, sleep.  Make a decision then support, release, be in the now and finally what’s next. It is a  puppy’s version of the old KISS principle.



Golf Secrets:  A golfer’s perspective for living in the moment
Empty the cup.  No not the one on the green – the one on the top of your shoulders. 


You probably know the story of the seeker who after an arduous journey finally got to meet the venerable old wise man.  He asked the question that had been burning inside him for ages. The wise man asked him to sit an began by pouring a cup of tea.  When the tea poured over the top of the cup filled the saucer and ran across the table and onto the floor the seeker could no longer contain himself and blurted out, “What are you doing the cup is already filled!” 


So the wise man explained that to learn something new you have to start with space, with an empty cup.


Before each swing make a decision to focus on this swing.  This one right now.  Not the last one or the next.  Let go of all other thoughts.


You can never step into the same river twice nor have the same golf swing twice.  Have beginners mind focus on this swing; its the only one you have.



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