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Happiness inside out January 27, 2011
Dear Michael,

Tasting the sweet, juicy, tangy flavor and wetness of orangean orange is certainly a lot different than trying to describe it with words or even thinking about it in your mind.  The experience of doing something gives a feeling to it in addition to thinking it.


A hands on  experience of “doing” is a deeper integration of the mind/body/feeling awareness that we all flow along with in each moment of the day.

I invite you to actually do the following hands on experiment for the deeper experience it will leave with you in addition to just thinking and imagining the thoughts. Also, this will lay the groundwork and become a practical experience and an enhancement for the second half of this newsletter.


Michael Selzer DDS

Quick Changes
wine glass
Take a clear glass and add water to about ¾ full.  Mix a spoonful of dirt into the water and stir for a few seconds (outside dirt works better than from a flower pot).  Now watch the settling of the dirt as the water starts to clear.  Note the large particles that settle quickly to the bottom and the few that float.

Next in about one minute you will see the top of wine glass 2the water start to clear.  As the smaller particles stop moving they too will start to settle. When you come back in a few hours the water will be clear and the dirt will have settled to the bottom.  If you like during this process shake the glass and see the effect on the settling particles of dirt.


Leave the glass out for a few days and stir it up every now and then.  Become accustomed to the settling.

Small Moments Of Happiness
During the day as we respond and react to the varying people, TV, computer, weather, foods, etc. our energy, mood, and happiness go up and down.  All of these interactions and responses are like the particles of dirt in the water.

Imagine our body/mind is a container like the glass.  Likemeditation back glass the particles of dirt in the water our energy gets stirred up.  When we feel the need, we stop for a moment and take a spontaneous deep breath to allow a settling to occur.  This first natural occurring breath can become the beginning of an extended settling and may grow into a practice of meditation.

The value of both this first breath and a more formal meditation is the growth of a calm, still, comfortable place that we can return to at will to renew or recharge our energy. Think of it as a resting place to touch for a moment here or there during a busy day.


Happiness:  A puppy’s perspective for living in the moment
To begin sit upright but not stiff.  Imaging sitting as tall asmeditation poster you can and with your body arms and legs as relaxed as you can at the same time.  Like a flag pole with flags hanging at varying heights when there is no breeze.  As you sit focus attention on being still and allow your breath to flow in and out.

Just notice without changing anything if your breath is shallow or deep, fast or slow or even or choppy.  As you follow your breath sense the particles of energy within your body starting to settle.  Image the glass of water and dirt and the resonance of settling that takes place in the glass as well as yourself.

Sense your eyes and allow them to soften and settle deeper into their sockets.  Notice any tension on your face especially around your mouth.  Notice if your tongue is pressing against your teeth or palate.  Allow a very slight smile to form and observe any concurrent shift or sense of well being or happiness. This level of awareness is similar to the smaller particles of dirt settling as the water becomes still and quiet.

With practice you can relax into one long breath as you settle your mind/body/spirit and feel this smile of well being whenever the natural need arises during your day.

Golf Secrets:  A golfer’s perspective for living in the moment
Developing a larger mind’s view of the putting green improves accuracy.

When putting expand your mind’s view to a space larger than the distance between you and the pin.

With the pin out start about 20 feet from the hole.  Hold your putter by the blade and with your eyes closed walk toward the hole.  Keeping your eyes closed touch the putter to the ground when you think it is at the hole.

You probably came up short and with tentative steps near the hole.  Try again but this time first set your view past the hole to take in the entire green.  Now look back to the hole as a part of the larger green; close your eyes and try again  to place the grip of your putter into the hole.

Enjoy the impact of letting your mind’s view be bigger. Whenever your getting ready to putt, let your view include more of the green and see the distance between you and the hole  within that bigger space.

Upcoming topics in future newsletters

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