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Slow down for happiness December 9, 2010
Dear Michael,

Colonel Sandurz (Movie Space Balls),  ” We can’t stop, it’s too dangerous!  We have to slow down first!”

Is walking out on a driving board and getting ready to spring up and down and then jump off as dangerous as just immediately stopping?  It takes a build up of energy, thought and will to jump out into space and then fall through the air for 10, 20 or 50 feet into a pool of water.  After a number of times the flying and anticipation get easier (for some).

Taking responsibility for a project, an assignment or meeting a deadline all have a common core.  That is the building up of steam to get things moving and rolling and then getting into the middle of the project.  As it turnsslow down ant toward home and builds up a momentum of its own it’s hard to stop.  It’s too dangerous. You have to slow down first.  Slow down to the speed of now.

I invite you to continue reading and connecting to slowing down into the field of natural happiness.

Michael Selzer DDS

Quick Changes
During the day we as multiple thoughts andmultitask tasks build up speed we become fused to what we are doing.  We lean over too far to see better and strain our backs and eyes.  We stretch the time in between eating and resting and become over extended.  We lose our balance our center our foundation.  It takes a full nights sleep to get back to being balanced and then we start all over again.

As Robert Frost wrote “Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening, ” and stopping for a moment here and there during the day and refocusing on NOW brings us back.  And we do not get as overstretched.

It’s all about NOW.  Being able to focus attention on now brings us closer to being happy in this moment.  When we are doing one thing and thinking about something else our minds are split and happiness is more elusive (New York Times Article).

Small Moments Of Happiness
How to be in the moment and focus on what you are doing.

1.  Start by widening your eyes –  Open them really wide.  Without focusing your eyes become aware of a slight blur of brighter light…..  Breathe in a long slow breath and feel the cool air as it passes through your nose….. As you breathe out allow a very soft hum to be heard and feel the vibration in your throat mouth or nose.

2. Allow whatever lingering thoughts that are present to dissolve.

3. Allow whatever expectations are present to dissolve like smoke after a candle is blown out.

4.  Take a 10 second time in –

Drop all extraneous thoughts, feelings or plans and feel/imagine for just 10 seconds that everything is just perfect.  Your breath, body, mind, your entire life.  Touch that internal place of happy calm contented being and then just let it all go and return to whatever you were about to do.



The above works best if you practice when you are feeling really good.  You can even just imagine feeling really good and then follow the sequence. The intention is to form a habit of automatically shifting into this sequence at the earliest sign of discomfort (whether it is physical or emotional). The sooner you let go and start the sequence the better it works.

Happiness: A puppy’s perspective for living in the moment
Dogs pant when they need to restore breathAusten panting and body temperature.  They stretch when they need realignment and they give you a lick whenever you are close enough.

Use your breath to pull your body into balance.  Use your body to pull your mind in to balance and use your mind to pull your spirit into balance.

Be Happy.  NOW

Golf Secrets:  A golfer’s perspective for living in the moment
For greens with a break most putts are missed below the hole.  This would mean that less break is planned than is needed.  Try reading the putt starting at the hole.  See the direction from which the ball will roll most easily into the hole, and the exact spot on the edge it will cross over.  This spot becomes the center of the hole to aim for.  Then work backward from there.

Remember as the ball slows down near the hole it will break more than at the start of the putt.

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