Secrets For A Happier Life October 7, 2010

Secrets For A Happier Life: Ideas, Inspiration & Practices
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Happiness  a balance of opposites

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Happiness a balance of opposites

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Try happiness as an intention
October 7, 2010
Dear Michael,

Welcome back to Secrets For A Happier Life. 

Happiness is like floating along in a boat in the middle of a river where the current is swift.  Closer to the banks and along the bottom the current slows down and gets caught in the irregularities and friction of contact with the earth. The faster smooth easier flowing drops of water closer to the center  of the river move according to this principle of laminar flow.

Life also has its irregularities, its trials and tribulations.  Like that smooth flow in the center happiness lets us glide through our day. Are you able to easily return to the central flow of happiness after having bumped into the bank or boundries of your daily actions?  I invite you to read more on an exploration of this ability.

Yours truly,  

Michael Selzer DDS

Quick Changes
I recently attended a 5 day yoga and meditation workshop at Kripalu Yoga Center the Bershires of Western Massachucettes. 

View from front steps of Kripalu

This wonderful experiece was lead by Richard Miller PhD.  His website is  This section of the newletter is based in part from his workshop.   Whenever you realize or notice that you are not as happy,  caring or as calm as you would like to be try this sequence of actions. 

Try this when there is a small concern where you have some space in both time and the depth of the irritation.  This way you can build endurance for a larger issue when it comes up. With practice this can be done in a few seconds without stopping whatever you are in the middle of.
  1. Notice your decision to want to be happier, caring or calm.
  2. Sense the way your feet your feel inside your shoes or become aware of some other body sensation
  3. Place attention or your breathing and allow it to softly deepen
  4. At the same time name or think the emotion or feeling that is of concern to you
  5. Name the opposite of this feeling or concern (if it is tired its opposite might be energetic)(too busy its opposite might be bored)(angry might be compassionate)
  6. Hold both feelings ie busy and bored in mind at the same time
  7. Shift up and back (several times) in your mind and if you can in your body sense between the two thoughts
  8. Really feel both sides of the issue and how when you have either one you think you want the other
  9. Pop through the middle and feel the happiness in the central laminar flow of this balanced emotion
  10. Holding this new view, re-apply yourself to whatever you were doing and integrate it with this balanced flow of happiness

Small Moments Of Happiness
Some  happiness generators

1. Smile at everyone you see today who is wearing jeans

2. Go to a pet store and pet a puppy

3. Take 10 deep, slow breaths and think about someone you love

4. Think about 10 people who love you

5. Think about the favorite game you played as a child – go  play  it!

6. Spend 10 minutes in nature

7. Whistle while you work…

8. Buy a random stranger a coffee

Submitted by Deb Slotterbach, CPCC, ACC

Happiness:  A puppy’s perspective for living in the moment  
Often we are so involved in doing, reacting or responding to life we are unaware of  taking notice of how we are feeling.  We often forget or do not believe that we have a voice in what and how we feel.  The first step is to just notice what is happening, what am I feeling right now.  Prior to this is having an intention of choosing to be happy whenever we come to the point of being able to make that decision.

We can choose happiness instead of being right. We can choose happiness with what we already have.  Where else can you choose happiness?  Look for other  places where the choice is yours to make.  Right now are you happy? Are you reading slowly and savoring a happy feeling?  If not now, when?  Be a puppy.

  Golf Secrets:  A golfer’s perspective for living in the moment
One of the times that is most trying times for golfers appears to be  waiting your turn, especially before a 6 foot putt for birdie.  Being relaxed is a key to a smooth stroke.  Practice this and then try it the next time you are on the putting green.  Expand your awareness to an outward  global view.  Then you can look in and see yourself standing calmly over the ball and taking a smooth stroke.

Technique – Imagine a mirror in front of you and one behind you like those in an amusement park. Imagine looking into the mirror and seeing the multiple images of yourself as the two mirrors would reflect these multiple images  getting smaller and smaller as they move into the distance.Golf computer 

Now imagine a second set of mirrors one on each side and turning your head to the side see the multiple images in this view.  Next add a mirror above and one below.  Imagine looking in all six mirrors at the view of yourself in all directions extending out into space.  With some practice you will start to feel an expansion of the mental image of yourself.

Along with this will be a calm feeling which will produce a smooth putting stroke.  Try this while you are waiting your turn instead of starring at the ball as your golf buddies line up their  putts.

Upcoming topics in future newsletters

Gratitude and happiness

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