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 “Optimist: A person who travels on nothing from nowhere to happiness.” 

Mark Twain


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Happiness and Sunshine 24×7 July 15, 2010
Dear Michael,

Welcome back to Secrets For A Happier Life.

Both the sun and happiness are always shining.  Although, at times both may appear to be covered and hidden from view.
Imagine that happiness is like the food inside your refrigerator.  Whenever you open the door the food is inside waiting for you to enjoy it.  Imagine that inside you (the refrigerator) is happiness the (food) and that opening the door is like seeing the Grand Canyon, getting a new car or a new addition to your family.
What appears to create happiness may be just a door that opens and allows the happiness on the inside to be appreciated.
What would it be like to be able to touch this internal happiness at will?  Whenever you wanted some happiness you just open the door, like going to the refrigerator, and its right there just like the food waiting for you.  
To open the door you have to be there.  You need to be present in this moment with your mind and body balanced.  Practicing meditation brings you into the present in a balanced manner and then you can open the door to happiness.  In fact when you are present (with meditation or otherwise) you often find the door to happiness is already open.
Being present is the first step to seeing through this window or doorway to happiness on the inside.
Meditation brings us into the present.
Meditation is a focus of attention to what is mindful right now.
(See previous newsletter on mindfulness 6-24-2010)
Yours truly,  
Michael Selzer DDS


PS Visit a continuation of drops of happiness on a musical video on YouTube.   Happiness on YouTube

Small Moments Of Happiness

Meditation can be a window into mindfulness and may be viewed in the picture below.
The  trick is to keep looking deeper and deeper until the looking shifts from doing to being.
Auste And Alligator 
Start with noticing the most prominent features.  The large dark trees and the white snow on the ground.  Then focus on the thicker white lines of snow on the branches and compare them to the thinner white lines.  Then the  thicker and thinner dark lines of the tree branches.  Continue to uncover more interest in the tones of gray and notice the shading of the sky which is lighter towards of the top of the picture. 
What time of day do you think it is morning afternoon?    Notice the lighter shade of the sky at the top and its slight darkening as you look down.  Check you breathing; has it changed ?  Are memories of your own experiences staring to come into thought?  For me a feeling of calm, slow quiet spreads through my body as I feel myself sinking a little deeper into my body and the chair holding me off the floor.

Quick Changes
Scan you body and mind.  What is the most prominent feeling, sensation or thought that you are aware of right now?  Name it such as “thinking”, “pain in my side or neck”, “it’s hot in here”, “the music is too soft”.
If you are still reading you most likely are meditating and mindful of the now.  Look/ feel around on the inside and and let the natural happiness open. Explore a memory brought into mind by the meditation on the picture above. 
Was it the picture of the snow and trees, your memories or just the inside of you that is experiencing the happiness?  Touch it and let it go.  Then touch it again.  It’s hard to hold on to, like water in your hand.  But you can pick it up again and again.


Happiness:  A puppy’s perspective for living in the moment  

Be in the now like a puppy -no expectations and no grudges.
Let go of past and future thoughts.
Enjoy this moment.
Join the flow. 
Austen Pink Blanket 
There is a story of two prisoners in a cell with a small  window with thick bars, high up on the wall.  One prisoner looks up and only sees the bars the other looks up and sees birds flying through the open blue sky.
Choose to see the sky not the bars.
Choose happiness.

  Golf Secrets:  A golfer’s perspective for living in the moment
Auste And AlligatorWe all know two basic tenets of the swing.  Keep your head down and follow through.  Keep a few different colored tees in your pocket.  Tee up the ball without looking at the color of the tee.  When you swing keep your head down until you can see what color tee you used.  With irons keep your head down until you see the ground beneath the ball. And always continue with a smooth follow through. 

Upcoming topics in future newsletters

*Revealing the happiness within ordinary moments

*Stimulating the brain’s pathways of happiness

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