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” Laughing is the sensation of feeling good all over and showing it principally in one spot.”


Josh Billings

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Happiness is a Choice May 13, 2010
Dear Michael, 

Welcome back to Secrets For A Happier Life.
Happy, sad, contented or angry all have thought, emotional and physical components.  Our recognition of these emotions and others  is regulated by brain chemistry.  Events and circumstances that occur outside of ourselves can effect brain chemistry as well as internal thoughts and actions. Each of our thoughts is matched by an adjustment and change in body sensation.

You can become as happy or as sad as you choose to be by adjusting your brain chemistry. I invite you to read below on how we can affect our level of happiness.

Yours truly,
Michael Selzer DDS
In each moment we are aware of thoughts, sensations and emotions.



Small Moments Of Happiness

  If each moment of happiness were a choice would you choose this moment to be happy?

1.Happiness is made up of thoughts, body sensations and emotions.
2.You can increase happiness by having more happy thoughts or by     decreasing unhappy thoughts.
3. Experiencing happy thoughts will create body sensations associated with happiness.
4. Focusing on the body sensations of happiness will be matched  by creating more happy thoughts.

Sense contacts are more direct than thought contacts.   Thoughts areKid at Beach more direct than words. However, the mind usually hijacks and bypasses the awareness of sensations and we are left with mainly thought contacts. Learning to sense the sensations beneath each thought gives us more direction of brain chemistry.

4 Points to ponder

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What is the feeling of a sunset?

Quick Changes

Think or say each of these words three times as you feel the emotional content of each word.

Noticed if your breathing changed while reading down the list.

Repeat this list any time you want to shift to a happier state of mind.

Happiness: A Puppy’s Perspective

Austen Big Face 21. Make a fist, feel the tightness then open your fist
and feel the openness. Repeat 3 times.
2. For each of the above words as you repeat them three times notice the sensations as they change in your body.
3. Find a place that has the most closed tight body sensation for the word angry and the most relaxed and open body sensation for the word joyful.
4. When you want to experience either emotion tighten or open those places.


Upcoming topics in future newsletters

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*More on body sensations and deepening happiness
*How to enhance the good moments of each day


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